Product Features

  All in one learning platform

  Easy to use

  Localized content

  Designed for customization and flexibility

  Highly scalable for large user base

  Robost secure and private

  Learn anywhere anytime on any device

What We Do

VLearn platform is designed to connect content Publishers, Educational Institutes, NGOs , Independent Tutors, Students and Professionals in a seamless way.

  • VLearn platform provides white labelled mobile application and web platform for connecting content publishers, institutions and students.
  • We provide technology platform for all your learning management needs.
  • Publish engaging content using video, audio, interactive tests and PDFs using customizable language options.
  • Content publishers and institutions upload digitised contents to cloud based and secure E-Learn solution.
  • Students subscribe and download encrypted content on their devices.The content can be used to learn anytime and anywhere.
  • Gamification of tests and exams make learning experience fun.
  • VLearn provides easy to use platform for admin, teachers and students.
  • VLearn Platform provides the content publishers all the necessary analytics abouty thier content consumed by the End users.

How does it work

  Content publishers can upload thier digital content in any form like audio, video and any of the Office document formats.

  E-Learn Platform allows the publishers to classify and create subscriptions based on the end users needs.

  Registered users on the platform can discover the content, buy the subscriptions and get access to the content.

  The encrypted content is downloaded to the consumers hand held device.

  The encrypted content once downloaded is persisted on the device across the login sessions to avoid unnecessary data traffic from the end users device.

  If the subscriptiuon is valid, the user shall be able to play the content locally.

  The user needs to be connected and logged into the E-Learn app to be able to play the content.

  End Users can take exams for the subscribed content to validate thier learnings.

  The platform supports, tests and exams for both objective and subjective type questions.

  Platform provides both automated and human assisted validation of the tests to award credits for the end users.

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